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Beat The Heat With Ductless Air Conditioning on Staten Island, NY

Don’t suffer through the heat of summer without a way to cool down. We offer ductless air conditioning on Staten Island so you can relax in comfort when the temperatures skyrocket. Contact our team today to book your installation to get ahead of the high heat of summer.

Priced Right For Your Home

Our 9000 BTU ductless air conditioners start at just $2600 including installation with zero percent financing for 18 months. We also offer a ten-year warranty, which means a decade’s worth of peace of mind. Just check out the warranty for more information on how we protect you.

Recommended Brand Names You Can Count On

Ductless AC units are becoming more and more common throughout homes across the nation. Their popularity has a lot to do with economic considerations and their minimal impact on the environment. They use less energy to heat and cool your home, which directly translates into cost-saving for you and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Our Trusted Fujitsu Brand

When you want a product backed by a solid reputation, choose the name that is synonymous with quality. Fujitsu supplies premium ductless AC systems that stand the test of time. As our trusted brand, Fujitsu is your first choice for managing the temperature in your home.

Ductless AC in Staten Island Apartment

Install Mitsubishi With Confidence

Our Mitsubishi ductless AC systems show superior performance, and the company is known for standing behind their products. You need to be able to trust the ductless AC unit you’re installing in your home. Most people don’t give their cooling systems much thought until they break down, but with Mitsubishi, you never have to worry. Our confidence in the Mitsubishi brand means you can have confidence in us.

LG Mini Split Is The New Normal

The LG mini-split system is a sleek design that offers customers a reliable way to cool their homes. Whether single-room cooling or installing throughout the house, these modern ductless AC units are on the rise. The LG brand brings you innovation and design that is on the cutting edge of technology and energy-efficiency. Allow us to install your new LG ductless AC unit and enjoy some relief from the summer heat.

Worry-Free Installation

 Our ten-year service contract means worry-free use of our products. Maintenance and repair are covered so you can enjoy the comfort of your ductless air conditioning system. Our technicians have extensive experience and can diagnose and provide the right solutions and answer any questions you may have. Contact our team of professionals to keep your home cool every summer.