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Heating Fuel Oil Delivery 

At Area Fuel Oil we work as hard as possible to give you the lowest price on home heating oil.  Also, if you pay with a credit card you will receive a 5% discount on your bill, in some cases it could be as high as 17 cents off per gallon.  This method can save you hundreds of dollars.  In addition we will also offer a price cap protection program; please call the officeof our fuel delivery company in Staten Island, NY, for all the details.

Heating Oil Delivery

There are 3 types of Deliveries

  • "Call ins" - Call when you need oil.
  • "Automatic: - We will determine when you need oil so you don't run empty.
  • "Semi-Automatic - Same as automatic delivery, but we call you first to confirm delivery.  Keep you in control of your oil.

Budget Plans

Count on reliable service and a budget plan worked out specifically for you. Our easy payment policies suit your budget and provide you with the assurance that you'll never be without heating fuel when you need it.

Service Provided 

We offer one type of service.  Top Quality and That's it!  

When it comes to repairs on your heating system we give you a 2-hour window for your time of service.  Our service contracts are unmatched by others at a low price.